Luke Van Roekel,  postdoctoral researcher, 2015, ocean boundary layer analysis and modeling


Juan Saenz,  postdoctoral researcher, 2013, ocean mesoscale eddy analysis and modeling


Phillip Wolfram, postdoctoral researcher, 2013, Lagragrian particle methods


Jonathan Pietarila Graham, postdoctoral researcher, 2012, analysis of geophysical turbulence.

Qingshan Chen, postdoctoral researcher, 2011, geophysical turbulence closures.


Neesha Schnepf, undergraduate researcher, 2010, climate data analysis.


Doug Jacobsen, graduate researcher, 2009, multi-resolution simulation of the shallow-water equations.


Sara Rauscher, postdoctoral reseacher, 2009, regional climate modeling.


Matthew Dixon, graduate researcher, 2008, variational free-Lagrange methods for the shallow water equations.


Aaron Goldner, undergraduate researcher, 2007, GIS analysis.

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